Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is NOT Fictional

Well, this is my first post to my new blog at

Now you are really gonna think I am nuts... but here goes. Remember, I promised to teach you how to contact Creator directly if you joined our newsgroup at

I haven't really kept that promise to date due to a lot of personal issues -- mostly the death last August 2007 of my wife Betty, and I hope its not too late.

Red Elk told me that of 10,000 people he taught how to contact Creator that ONLY SEVEN PEOPLE learned how.

Well, yesterday, I reached a point of frustration that I wept -- you might remember I totally lost ALL my income from herbal sales that has sustained me since summer 2005.

So, I drove up into the foothills of the nearby national Forest... I don't have to go very far, as the blacktop ends 200 yards from my house.

I had a long talk with Creator... saying "I am not gonna scream at you like I have in the past, spoiled brat that I am. I am just at he end of my rope. I don't need to see an angel, don't need to hear your voice because I get that anyway all the time in dreams. I just want a push in the right direction -- and that I am not running out in front of Creator. Please help me out some way."So, I rolled up the window, and laid my head back, and went to sleep... knowing I would probably get an answer just as I drifted off to sleep.

Then I heard Creator say three words: "Go back in"

I drove home.

I laid down to take a knap, and about 10 minutes later, my cell phone rang.

The voice on the other end said "I got a message to call your phone, and I just hit the button to return the call. Who am I speaking to?"

I said "This is Prophecykeepers Foundation, Will Blueotter speaking... who is this?"

He identified himself... it was a fellow I HAD been corresponding with him via email that same day. I have not contacted him at all in a few years, and wanted to catch up on things we were both involved in Indian politics back east. In my email, I asked him for his phone number, but he didn't reply with it... and I didn't send him my cell number. Whoa... this is crazy I thought.

Now he was telling me that I had called him... but I didn't!

I said "Norbert, I haven't called you today, and never ever called you from this phone. What he heck is going on?"

I then told him about going up the mountain... and because he is also a Cherokee and familiar with spiritual phenomenon, we both knew what had happened. We the knew that Creator wanted to impress us both with something.

After a conversation of 10-15 minutes we agreed to ask Creator what was wanted for us to do.
More tomorrow!


Heyv... it is true!


Tsiya Saquo (Blueotter)